Wellness Makeover

Give back to yourself, so that you may give more authentically to others…

Going through a transition?
Need help getting back into a healthy routine?
A Customized Metta Touch Makeover will Nurture, Nourish and Restore you.

Nurture yourself:

Learn empowering lifestyle practices to ground, sustain and support you.
Together, we will create a wellness routine that suits your individual lifestyle and constitution.

Nourish yourself:

Gain a deeper understanding concerning your dietary needs and which foods suit your unique constitution. Learn about Ayuvedic herbs, cleansing practices and medicinal foods.

Restore yourself:

Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage and Indian Head Massage replenish essential moisture and re-balance the nervous system. Healing Indulgence, Profound Relaxation…

Thai Yoga Massage energizes and uplifts, incorporating assisted gentle stretches and acupressure massage.


15 Minute Wellness Consultation
15 Minute guided Meditation session
60 Minute Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage


15 Minute Wellness Consultation
30 Minute Customized Yoga session
45 Minute Indian Head Massage


15 Minute Wellness Consultation/Review
30 Minute guided Meditation session
60 Minute Customized Thai Yoga Massage


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Or email suzanah@mettatouch.ca